Amphenol LTD launches new product - Terrapin Micro-SD card reader.

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Amphenol has not allowed the Covid-19 pandemic to interrupt our product development plans and today we launch our ruggedised Micro-SD reader based on our well known Terrapin SCE2 format that combines proven sealing and connector protection for off the shelf Micro-SD cards. Simply insert the card into the equipment mounted reader, fit the cap and lock in place. This system will transform the capability of end users by allowing standard off the shelf Micro-SD cards to be secured in a ruggedised reader that will prevent loss of data and expensive damage to data capture equipment. For more details please click on the button below.

Watch out for Terrapin Micro USB-C

We are currently developing a new extension to our Terrapin SCE2 series which will allow users to easily ruggedise and connect COTS USB-C cables utilising the space saving and sealing pedigree of the Terrapin connector design.