PT-451 series

No, we don’t provide ATEX solutions on our PT/451 series.


Our PT/451 series is MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 compliant. You can have a look on our cross references chart pages 18/19 of our PT451 series catalog.

Please have a look pages 10/11 of our PT451 series catalog, all our insert arrangements mentionned are available in solder version. Then, there is a C letter for insert arrangements available in crimp version, and a H letter for insert arrangements available in hermetic version.


Yes: panel gasket have to be ordered separately. You will find all part numbers page 56 of our PT451 series catalog. For example for size 08, you need to order JE08 panel gasket.

We provide backshell according to your need. 

For example:

  • If you need a good mechanical retention of the cable, you could use our cable clamp backshell. 
  • If you need sealing, you could use our metallic or plastic sealing gland. 
  • If your need a better shielding, you can use our braid clamping backshell.

You will find our contact dimensions and wire sizes page 8 of our PT451 series catalog.
According to you contact dimension (you can check it pages 10/11) you will find acceptable wire section.

Accepted cable diameters are listed in our PT451 series catalog.These dimensions varies according to the connector’s size. You will find these dimensions:

  • page 22 for our square flange receptacle
  • pages 25 and 26 for our inline receptacle
  • pages 32 and 33 for our plug

You will find our printed circuit drillings page 59 of our PT451 series catalog. Don’t forget to add the coding rotation on your drilling. For example, your insert rotation is 90°. As the drillings are symetrical about the vertical axis of the figure, you just need to include this 90° rotation clockwise. 

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You can consult our ROHS/REACH compliance by clicking here.
For any nominative compliance, please contact us.

The CE marking is not necessary for electrical connectors. The UTE CEF 48B Connector Commission classifies the electrical connectors as passive components and concludes that the CE marking is not required, neither on the product itself, neither on the package. It is however required for the system using this connector.

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