You can order your plug and your inline receptacle with or without backshell. If you order your connector without backshell, you can finally add backshell as separate part as mentioned on following tab: 

You will find our contact dimensions and wire sizes page 2 of our SL61 series datasheet. According to your contact dimension you will find maximum permissible wire section. 

We suggest using our SL61 monopiece solution. This series is waterproof IP 67 rated and is 100% compatible with all the Socapex 419AR range. Gland backshells are available in size 29 or 36 according to the outside diameter of the cable. 

In order to provide you our products, our official distributors are located here.

You can consult our ROHS/REACH compliance by clicking here. For any nominative compliance, please contact us. 

The CE marking is not necessary for electrical connectors. The UTE CEF 48B Connector Commission classifies the electrical connectors as passive components and concludes that the CE marking is not required, neither on the product itself, neither on the package. It is however required for the system using this connector. 

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