Investing in our facility.

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Investing in our facility with a new home for sister company Martec

Amphenol has not allowed the Covid-19 pandemic to interrupt our plan for continued investment in our people and facilities. We set an ambitious program of improvement for 2020 and invested £2.5M to achieve it. As well as moving our Martec team into a brand-new facility in the main Whitstable site, we are completing improvements to our plating shop, office spaces and installing an advanced Stores Management system.  We are looking forward to invite you and your teams to visit us and see how this investment will support you and your programmes for years to come. In the meantime you can watch our video to see what we have done so far.

We have implemented temperature testing on arrival, with all entrances covered and monitored and social distance measures applied. Any anomalies on testing are given extra checks, safety is paramount. 
Some of our investments are shown below including new static and belt ovens, a pick and place stores management system, new assembly and office areas for Martec.

The pandemic has brought many challenges to global business these last 6 months. Amphenol Limited were proactive in March to ensure that we could maintain operational effectiveness. ~

We implemented our Business Continuity Plan before the Government enforced lockdown; our office-based personnel that were able to work from home have been doing so and we have put a number of measures in place in our facility to reduce the risks to our staff, including social distancing measures, with enforced temperature and health assessments in the workplace.  Our procurement team works tirelessly with our supply chain and customers to mitigate risks as much as possible to prevent interruption to our programmes. 

In some areas, we are even investing in our supply chain to reduce our leadtimes for some of our core products.  Within the newsletter you will see our investment has not stopped there and we are driving an ambitious £2.5M investment in our facilities.

One area we were unable to control was the impact to our supply chain caused by enforced lockdowns in other countries, and supplier closures here in the UK.  We have been issuing regular updates to all our partners to ensure we can mitigate as many of these risks & delays as possible.

We would like to thank you all for your support during this period. Stay safe, stay healthy!